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Esports and National Security

Via Breaking Defense, commentary on the potential for militaries to”learn from world-class players how they develop, train and practice the quick-twitch skills and reaction times needed for competitive gaming: Sport and national security often cross paths. The Duke of Wellington famously observed (albeit probably not in these exact words), that “The battle of Waterloo was […]

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Virtual Workouts, Real Sweat

Via The Wall Street Journal, an interesting article on what it is like to exercise in the Metaverse With the Meta Quest 2: One thing they don’t tell you about working out in the metaverse: The exercise might be in virtual reality, but the sweat is real. My first VR exercise was a boxing class that’s […]

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Why Investors Are Paying Real Money For Virtual Land

Via Time, a report on why investors are paying real money for virtual land: Chris Adamo considers himself late to the game when it comes to investing in NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. He collected his first one in summer 2021. But when it comes to buying up property in the metaverse, Adamo is early. Eight […]

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Nike Buys Virtual Sneaker Maker To Sell Digital Shoes In The Metaverse

Via CNN Business, an article on Nike’s acquisition of a virtual sneaker maker to sell digital shoes in the metaverse: Nike said on Monday it had bought virtual sneaker company RTFKT for an undisclosed sum, as the sportswear giant looks to quickly expand its footprint in the fast-growing “metaverse.” Last month, Nike (NKE) became one of the first big […]

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What Will Art Look Like in the Metaverse?

Via the New York Times, an interesting look at what art will look like in the future: In the opening pages of Ben Lerner’s debut novel, “Leaving the Atocha Station,” his narrator goes to Madrid’s Prado museum and observes a stranger breaking into sobs in front of Rogier van der Weyden’s “Descent From the Cross,” a votive […]

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The Metaverse Is Already Here — It’s Minecraft

Via debugger, an article on Minecraft, an existing metaverse: What will “the metaverse” look like? Last week, we got a glimpse of Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for it, in his video presentation. If you didn’t see it, CNET has a highlights reel: It begins with Zuckerberg being raptured into his metaverse apartment, where he picks out an […]

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