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K-pop: The Rise Of Virtual Girl Bands

Via BBC, a look at the rise of virtual K-pop girl bands: Since releasing their debut single I’m Real in 2021, K-pop girl group Eternity have racked up millions of views online. They sing, dance and interact with their fans just like any other band. In fact, there’s mainly one big difference between them and […]

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The Metaverse: And How It Will Revolutionize Everything

Via Time, a look at the metaverse and how it will revolutionize many aspect of our lives: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reports that in the first six months of 2022, the word metaverse appeared in regulatory filings more than 1,100 times. The previous year saw 260 mentions. The preceding two decades? Fewer than a dozen […]

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Esports and National Security

Via Breaking Defense, commentary on the potential for militaries to”learn from world-class players how they develop, train and practice the quick-twitch skills and reaction times needed for competitive gaming: Sport and national security often cross paths. The Duke of Wellington famously observed (albeit probably not in these exact words), that “The battle of Waterloo was […]

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Virtual Workouts, Real Sweat

Via The Wall Street Journal, an interesting article on what it is like to exercise in the Metaverse With the Meta Quest 2: One thing they don’t tell you about working out in the metaverse: The exercise might be in virtual reality, but the sweat is real. My first VR exercise was a boxing class that’s […]

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Why Investors Are Paying Real Money For Virtual Land

Via Time, a report on why investors are paying real money for virtual land: Chris Adamo considers himself late to the game when it comes to investing in NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. He collected his first one in summer 2021. But when it comes to buying up property in the metaverse, Adamo is early. Eight […]

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Nike Buys Virtual Sneaker Maker To Sell Digital Shoes In The Metaverse

Via CNN Business, an article on Nike’s acquisition of a virtual sneaker maker to sell digital shoes in the metaverse: Nike said on Monday it had bought virtual sneaker company RTFKT for an undisclosed sum, as the sportswear giant looks to quickly expand its footprint in the fast-growing “metaverse.” Last month, Nike (NKE) became one of the first big […]

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