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eConomics of eSports: How Riot Games Became A Telco

Via Digits to Dollars, an interesting look at Riot Games’ business model: Telecom networks are changing in some important ways. A few weeks ago, I wrote a somewhat fanciful piece about the ways in which telecom networks are being unbundled by the growing convergence between ‘enterprise’ and ‘carrier’ networking technologies.A few days later, a friend […]

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eSports In China

Via China Daily, an interesting look at esports in China where there are there are 170 million players and fans, surpassing any other regular sport: When Liu Zhenyan commentates live from the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, tens of millions of Chinese viewers tune in to watch the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational, one of the […]

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The eSports Market Continues To Grow Revenues & Attract Investors

Via Business Insider, an article on the eSports competitive video gaming market which continues to grow revenues & attract investors:   Years ago, eSports was a community of video gamers who would gather at conventions to play Counter Strike, Call of Duty, or League of Legends. These multiplayer video game competitions would determine League of Legends […]

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Colleges Are Starting Varsity Programs For eSports

Via The Outline, an interesting look at whether or not we may see the NCAA of esports soon: Professional esports — competitive video game playing as a spectator sport — is surging in the U.S., with revenues in the hundreds of millions and growing fast. So it’s little surprise that collegiate esports — in which universities […]

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