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Avatarnomics: Playing For Profit

Via The Economist, an interesting analysis of why video gaming can be good for business.  In fact, the article notes, the smartest firms will not only allow game-playing in the workplace, but will actively encourage it. “…To CEOs who throw a tantrum every time they catch someone playing solitaire on an office PC, or who […]

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Social Gaming

We noticed two recent articles discussing the continuing development of social gaming that we found insightful.  In the first, Susan Wu – formerly of Charles River Ventures – notes: “…We are still at the cusp of a sea change in the gaming space that rivals that of Web 1.0 in scope,” she told me. While […]

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Lifestream to the Mainstream? Buddyupdates & Friendfeedization May Lead to The New Blog

As reported by the Lifestream blog, 2008 and 2009 are likely to be heady times for lifestreaming, a new way of documenting the activities surrounding your life using a chronologically-ordered collection of information. And, as suggested by this very insightful post, lifestreaming – despite being no more than a short collection of photos, videos, copy-and-pasted […]

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Advergame Arcades: The Free to Play Movement Grows Offline

From the Adverlab blog, news that The same people who introduced interactive movie theater entertainment have installed several advergaming arcades at Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan. As the article notes: “…The two games are NewsBlaster and NewsBreaker. The arcades are free and hooked up to the web. Love the old-school look and the homage, perhaps unintended, […]

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