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New Casino Game Lets You Bet Real Money On Pac-Man

Via Ars Technica, a look at Pac-Man Battle Casino which is part of a trend towards skill-based casino gambling: Back in like the 1890s, a slot machine was probably the coolest entertainment device anyone had ever seen. In 2017, though, despite a lot of advances in slot technology, those flashy one-armed bandits just aren’t drawing in “the youngs” who […]

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The eSports Revolution

Via CBI Insights, an interesting summary of the eSports revolution: Total revenue of the eSports industry is currently estimated at $1.1B and is expected to reach $1.5B by 2020. Record high viewership continues to attract world renowned brands, advertisers, and franchise owners. Though competitive gaming dates back decades — as early as the Spacewar video game tournament held at […]

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