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The myVEGAS App Is Finally Here

Via VegasChatter, an in depth review of the new myVEGAS application: The myVEGAS app we’ve all been waiting for is finally here… in America. We were giving the opportunity to play the game ahead of the masses and, we have to say, we’re pretty impressed. The game play on your mobile device looks identical to […]

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SynCurrency: Bitcoin Pursues the Mainstream

Courtesy of the New York Times, some thoughts on Bitcoin’s need to become more mainstream: The currency known as bitcoin — a much-hyped and much-doubted type of digital cash that can be bought with traditional money — has mostly attracted attention for its popularity in the black market, and for its wildly gyrating valuation. But […]

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Future Of Pervasive Games

Via TechCrunch, an interesting look at the state of pervasive gaming: Pervasive gaming is a well-worn idea that’s drifted through the pages of design theory for at least 20 years. It’s the idea of a game that goes beyond the bounds of one screen. You’d play your game on your computer and then go out […]

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Online ‘Gaming’ Vs. Online ‘Gambling’: The Power Of Branding

Via Futurity, an interesting article on the power of branding online gambling as online gaming: Whether you think online betting is innocent entertainment or a shady activity may have to do with what you call it, according to a new study that shows how industry labels help shape consumer attitudes. “Changing an industry label from […]

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SynCurrency: Bitcoin Booms With China’s Help

Via The Diplomat, some commentary on the recent Bitcoin surge: The price of a Bitcoin (BTC), the much-discussed and highly volatile crypto-currency, has topped $200 for only the second time in its history. This was likely abetted by the optimism that Baidu – often referred to as China’s Google – inspired when it began accepting […]

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Initial Player Offering: If You Like a Star Athlete, Now You Can Buy a Share

Via the New York Times, an article on an interesting innovation on a new trading exchange for investors to buy and sell interests in professional athletes: Arian Foster of the N.F.L.’s Houston Texans. Investors can buy a share of his future earnings. First, there was old-fashioned gambling on football. Then came the fantasy leagues. And […]

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