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Kwari’s Anti-Social Networking Game: Anything but Gambling

From Kotaku, an interesting story about an online game innovator called Kwari.  While certainly not a virtual world in the sense we normally think of, Kwari’s new multiplayer onling gaming experience takes the addictive and highly competitive nature of an online FPS and then adds in a system where you get money for kills.  As […]

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Avatarnomics: Let’s Welcome Metanomics

As regular readers know, we’ve been keeping track of various business/economic-related issues via our Avatarnomics series of posts.  Given our interest in this young area of research, we were very happy to see – and welcome – another source on such matters at Professor Robert Bloomfield’s Metanomics site & blog.   As he notes: “Metanomics” […]

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An Evolving Industry…

With Virtual Worlds News reporting that there are now at least 30 virtual worlds platform providers (a number which is sure to grow in the months ahead), it is ever more critical that the industry consider evolving towards a future system of distinct virtual worlds with increasingly lifelike avatars who can teleport between them. Not […]

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The Economist’s Geoweb, Neogeographers, and Virtual Worlds

This week’s Economist has an interesting look at what its calls the Geoweb (“…resulting when the internet becomes intertwined with the real world…”) and neogeographers. As the article notes: “…Geobrowsers are a stunningly effective means of visualising the planet. But they are just one part of a broader endeavour, the construction of a “geoweb” that […]

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Practical Suggestions on Bridging the Gap between Games and Social Networks

A bit more on bridging the dichotomous worlds of games and social networks, this time via the Aggro Me blog. What I find interesting is the author’s direct & practical suggestions of integrating various phenomena: “1. Feeds * Official News (obvious) * Dev Tracker (preferably with different categories for Technical, Design, etc.) * Community News […]

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