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SynCurrency: Bitcoin Companies And Venture Capital

Via The Genesis Block, an interesting graphic examining the venture capitalists investing in Bitcoin companies: “…At the backbone of the bitcoin movement are a handful of visionary entrepreneurs and prescient investors. To see where the future of bitcoin is being built, we compiled a list of leading bitcoin companies and venture capitalists, focusing on the […]

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SynCurrency: Coinbase Leads Charge In Bitcoin’s Consumerization

Via TechCrunch, an interesting look at the consumerization of Bitcoin: Because why do anything other than try out hot technologies on Memorial Day, I just bought some Bitcoin. I might finally play Dots and maybe 3D-print an ear later this afternoon. I would not have bought my .1 ($13.17) in Bitcoin if it weren’t for […]

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SynCurrency: Will Bitcoin Become The AOL Of Crypto Currency, And Ripple, the Google?

Via Economic Policy Journal, a brief commentary on several emerging players in the distributed currency space: Google Ventures has put money into OpenCoin, Inc, creators of the open currency exchange called Ripple. Ripple users can trade any currency, including crypto currencies like Bitcoin, for another, without requiring any broker or third-party to facilitate the trades.  […]

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SynCurrency: Bitcoin Hits The Big Time, To The Regret Of Some Early Boosters

Via MIT’s Technology Review, an interesting report on how the first major conference for the digital currency suggests it is gaining legitimacy, but in a manner disappointing to some early enthusiasts: This past Sunday, Doug Scribner took out five $100 bills and began feeding them into what looked like a small, white ATM in San […]

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SynCurrency: The Future Of Bitcoin

Via Economic Policy Journal, an interesting commentary on the future of Bitcoin: Having had a bit (pun intended) of time to decompress from the Bitcoin 2013 conference that I attended  in San Jose this past weekend. Here is my current thinking on Bitcoin and how that thinking evolved over the conference. Going into the conference […]

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SynCurrency: Coinbase

Via Union Square Ventures, an announcement of a recent investment they have made in Coinbase: We have been thinking about and looking to make an investment in the Bitcoin ecosystem for several years. Today, we are happy to be able to talk about our first investment in the sector. We have made an investment in […]

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