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NBA 2K Players Make As Much As Real Life Basketball Players

Via Ozy, an interesting article on the earning potential of esports athletes: Last August at the NBA 2K League studios in Long Island City, when Knicks Gaming defeated Heat Check Gaming to win the inaugural NBA 2K League championship, the six adrenaline-filled gamers celebrated like they were hoisting an NBA Finals trophy. And rightly so. After thousands […]

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Video Gamers vs. Couch Potatos

Courtesy of The Economist, an article on esports: If readers, like Schumpeter, have children who barely have time to say hello as they hunch over a computer, headsets on, talking with friends while blasting their digital enemies to smithereens, here is some advice. Take them to a competitive video-gaming, or e-sports, tournament, like the Counterstrike: […]

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eSports At The Driving Range

Via Ozy, an article on the convergence of golf and esports: What happens when you go to a driving range and an esports tournament breaks out? For starters, Topgolf isn’t exactly the average driving range. Instead of paying for a medium-sized bucket of balls and strolling by yourself to an open slot of turf to […]

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NASCAR Drives Millenial Viewership Through Fantasy Sports

Via Ozy, an interesting article on how NASCAR is using fantasy sports to drive viewership: We’ve all been there. A friend hosts a watch party for the big game, putting out a tasty spread and rustling up extra seats in front of the TV. And yet, once the action begins, everyone is glued to their […]

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Making esports As Big As The NBA

Via Quartz, an interesting interview on esports: When Michael Prindiville started at NBC Sports Ventures in 2015, esports was still a twinkle in the eye of most traditional broadcasters’ eyes, but he shepherded several competitive gaming broadcasts to NBC’s traditional and digital platforms. Then, in 2018, he took the helm of the venerable esports organization […]

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The Complete Guide To eSports

Via Quartz, a summary overview of the esports universe: National carriers like ESPN and TNT broadcast the games. Major NBA and NFL power brokers field teams. International sponsors, like Mastercard, Toyota, and Intel, fill the gaps in broadcasts. And the stars themselves have started popping up on late-night TV. If you don’t think esports—in your stodgy […]

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