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Online Gaming: Virgin Territory

Two interesting articles about a new online gaming tournament business which recently received funding from Richard Branson.   The first article gives an overview of the business and the second some careful analysis of this skill games oriented intitiave. First, courtesy of Games Beat, an upbeat view on the venture: Billionaire Richard Branson has had the […]

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Avatarnomics: Facebook’s Virtual Currency Ambitions

Via The Atlantic, an interesting look at Facebook’s virtual currency ambitions: “…Facebook’s expansion plans have moved into the realm once reserved for central banks and kings: creating its own currency. Details on Facebook Credits emerged at last week’s f8 Facebook developer conference, although the news was obscured by the network’s plans to extend its reach […]

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A History of Social Games

As John Radoff so effectively summarized, social games aren’t new – in fact, they began about 5000 years ago and they’re just games you play with other people.  That said, he provided a very nice graphical history of social games and his taxonomy separates current social games into Strategy, Sim, RPG, and “experiences” (music, pets, […]

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