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Games 2.0: Asynchronous Multi-Player Gaming

We recently came across two very interesting articles that examine the difference between multi-player gaming (where players can meet and match up before entering into a game against each other in real time) and asynchronous online gameplay (i.e. players don’t all have to be online at the same time) which may fit better with the […]

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Mashing Virtual Reality & Social Computing – When Virtual Reality Becomes Real?

We read an interesting article from eWeek that analyzed the impending mash up of three-dimensional virtual reality worlds such as Second Life and social networks such as Facebook.  We’ve discussed this previously, but found some the examples of initiatives being undertaken by IBM, Unisfair, and Second Life Link to be a good measure of the […]

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Avatarnomics: Virtual Worlds Inspiring A Renewed Push for Electronic Currency

As mentioned in both Worlds in Motion and ZDNet, virtual worlds are driving overall e-commerce growth and inspring a renewed push for electronic currency. “…the cost of processing cash in Asian countries like Singapore is ever on the rise, sometimes tacking up to five percent more onto the cost of goods simply to fund those […]

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Gaming in a Geospatial World

In our earlier examination of mirror worlds, augmented reality,  MMOGs, and the like, we had not yet come across a detailed look at the impact of gaming in the geospatial world.  However, given the rapid growth in both of these sectors, it is not surprising that – finally – some careful thought is being given […]

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An Early Virtumall Failure and the Infinite Shelf

Via Raph Koster’s blog, a good example of how not to pursue a 3D immersive shopping experience.  There has been a lot of discussion about retailing in virtual worlds and, while direct, Raph (who is perhaps best placed to comment on such given his vast experience) seems to hit the nail on the head in […]

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Avatarnomics: Virtual Deflation and EVE’s First Quarterly Economic Report

As noted by both Aaron Schiff and’s Market Movers blog, Dr. Eyjólfur Guðmundsson, of the virtual online game EVE has released his first quarterly economic report.  It offers a fascinating look at the economy developing in EVE Online which has recently experienced the situation in which the money supply is increasing, but consumer prices […]

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