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Compulsion Loops: There, Here, and soon to be Everywhere

An interesting point from Worlds in Motion’s interview with’s Michael Wilson, namely their efforts to bring “player compulsion loops” to the worlds they have build for MTV. “… Compulsion loops? “I’m going to point at World of Warcraft, because everybody knows they’re really good at this,” Wilson explains. “We study them all the time, […]

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Avatarnomics: Avatars will soon outnumber humans

In The Guardian, Vic Keegan discussed recent Gartner research indicating that – in four years’ time – 80% of internet users will have avatars working or playing online. Given the pace of internet adoption, and the fact that people often have more than one avatar, there will soon be more avatars than humans, at least […]

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Unype’d We Stand: One View of the Future of Parallel Worlds

I have been waiting for more developments from Unype (a free mash-up of Google Earth, Skype, and, now, Facebook) since I first read about their work several months back, and my patience was rewarded by this recent Virtual Worlds News article.  In it, Murat Aktihanoglu (Unype’s founder) offers some of his vision of a platform […]

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Death of Snow Crash…and the Rise of Flexible Decentralization

Terra Nova offered a very insightful post today pointing out some of the most significant fallacies that surround much of the current thinking regarding virtual worlds. In a nutshell: “…If the ascendance of the Web and especially the changes brought by Web 2.0 sites, applications, and tools show us anything, they show us that the […]

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We read an interesting VirtualWorldNews feature last week entitled “Do Avatars Need Virtual Worlds?” that caused us to wonder if our industry needs to develop a new science dedicated to tracking business transactions conducted by avatars inside AND outside virtual worlds. As the report points outs: “People spend over $1.5 billion every year on virtual […]

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