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Daily Fantasy MMA May Quickly Outgrow Mainstream Sports Offerings

Via Forbes, some insight into the emergence of fantasy MMA: Daily fantasy sports operations typically focus their services on the major professional American sports: football, baseball, basketball and hockey.  However, other mainstream sports are beginning to capture the attention of corporate entities entrenched in the world of fantasy.  The sport outside of the “Big Four” […]

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SynCurrency: The Startup Meant To Reinvent What Bitcoin Can Do

Via Technology Review, an interesting look at an effort by by leading Silicon Valley investors to extend Bitcoin’s functionality so it can power much more than just payments: LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman announced an unusual new investment late last month. He and other Silicon Valley luminaries, including Sun Microsystems founder Vinod Khosla, sunk $21 million […]

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The Multibillion-Dollar Industry Of American Fantasy Sports

Via Quartz, a insightful look at the world of fantasy sports: A real part of your fantasy game. Over the past two decades or so, a cultural phenomenon has taken hold in America. It involves grown men and women pretending to be the owners of imaginary professional sports teams on the internet. It is known […]

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Bitcoin: The Next Internet?

Via Vox, an interesting commentary on how the crypto-currency can thrive as a global payment system, even if it fails as a currency: The markets haven’t been kind to Bitcoin in 2014. The currency reached a high of nearly $1,000 in January before falling to around $350 this month, a plunge of more than 60 […]

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