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One Person’s Definition of the Gaming ‘Holy Grail’

Had an opportunity to review a copy of Paul Heydon’s (Managing Director, Avista Partners) presentation from  the Casual Games Association conference in Seattle earlier this month.   I was most interested in Mr. Heydon’s definition of the ‘Holy Grail’ of gaming, a mash-up of the following attributes that he felt could deliver 100 million registered users: […]

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As a virtual Twain may have said “…reports of my world’s death have been greatly exaggerated…”

A lot of interesting – yet somewhat contradictory – news over the past weeks related to the life, hype, and death of virtual worlds. At the same time as Blizzard is announcing that it has passed 9 million subscribers for its World of Warcraft phenomenon, sage scribes are writing that Second Life has been a […]

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Our Logo / Tilting at Windmills

We are occasionally asked about our corporate identity so are pleased to explain it in more detail here. The SynWorlds Group’s logo is meant to convey an ongoing transition and connection between the real world and the virtual world, each represented by a version of a windmill. These physical and synthetic worlds – just as […]

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Welcome to The SynWorlds Group’s corporate blog! We have established this forum to help interested readers keep track of our company’s exciting developments, as well as, to give us a medium by which we may note particular trends or articles of interest. There are many passionate and talented observers of virtual worlds, MMOGs, mirror worlds, […]

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