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Varsity Gamers: Making The Grade

Via CNN, an interesting article on one American university’s eSports program: They go by monikers like BoomBoom, xshockwave27x and ClydeBot. They calculate click speeds and work to build up their APM, or actions per minute. They don jerseys emblazoned with sponsorship logos while sitting in $400 top-of-the-line gaming chairs. In a custom-built, tricked out room on […]

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eSports: Massive … And Growing

Via ESPN, a very interesting look at the rise of eSports: THERE’S A FORMULA for stories like this one: Open with a stadium full of screaming fans. Zoom in on the contestants, sweating from the intensity of the competition. Then comes the incredulous reveal: This isn’t basketball or boxing or even billiards. It’s eSports-and the “athletes” […]

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Yahoo Bets On Fantasy Sports With Real-Money Gaming

Via The Wall Street Journal, an interesting report on Yahoo’s bet on fantasy sports: Yahoo Inc. is looking to supplement its stagnant advertising business with a new foray into legal online gambling. The Internet company on Wednesday unveiled a retooled version of its fantasy-sports mobile app that lets users wager real money daily and weekly against their […]

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