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The European Invasion

It may have taken the recent Virtual Worlds event in London and some interesting announcements from the German company Metaversum, but we finally started to see some more news about non-Asian/non-American virtual worlds emerge recently (Habbo Hotel excepted, of course). While Metaversed offered its early take on Metaversum’s Twinity – “…The feature that instantly sets […]

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Wii are the World… An Advent of Communications Games?

Two interesting articles by the Virtual Worlds News and about recent rumors suggesting that Nintendo’s next version of Wii’s Animal Crossing game will have massively multiplayer functionality and be set as a social networking MMO.  As VWN states, such a development will be a continuation of a trend with this particular game: “…Previous versions […]

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3D Retailing: Virtumall Reality?

The Boston Globe recently reviewed Kinset Inc., an online store start-up which claims to “combine e-commerce with the kind of visually rich, three-dimensional environment that have been made popular by the virtual world Second Life and such videogames as World of Warcraft, but that would feel familiar to a conventional department store shopper.” We are […]

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WoW… Real Americans

Ran across Cory Doctorow’s insight that there are 4x as many WoW players as farmers in the U.S., and then noticed the Wikinomics’ gang’s take on his post as well. As the latter points out: “…new collaborative media present different way of thinking about social interaction and collaboration. However, when you talk about ‘mass collaboration’ […]

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World War 3(D)?

Eric Rice offered an interesting take on what he describes as a forthcoming “epic battle” between Microsoft Virtual Earth and Google Earth that might affect the emerging mirror and virtual world marketplace. Intriguing excerpts below, but perhaps of most note is Rice’s discussion of what he sees to be some of the likely disruptions in […]

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From today’s WSJ, news that MySpace is seeking to create a destination for games. Now, while not pertaining strictly to a three dimensional virtual world or MMOG, we wanted to note this development as it is yet another example of a dynamic social network actively introducing & promoting gameplay – and the social features thereof […]

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