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China’s Social Games Market

Via Read Write Web, an interesting look at China’s social games market.  As the article notes: “…It’s no longer a secret that China’s online gaming industry is booming, and growth is set to continue with companies such as Shanda Games, Netease and The9 leading the way. In 2009, China’s online gaming industry earned nearly $4 […]

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Augmenting Reality

Courtesy of The Guardian, an interesting look at augmented reality.  As the article notes: Don’t act too surprised if, some time in the next year, you meet someone who explains that their business card isn’t just a card; it’s an augmented reality business card. You can see a collection and, at, you can even […]

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Augmented Reality: Finally In Fashion?

Courtesy of Fast Company, an interesting article on the possibility that fashion may end up being the “killer app” for wearable augmented reality systems: “…Fashion may sound like an odd subject for a futurist to think about, but it’s often an indicator of broader cultural trends around sexuality, material technology, gender roles, and money. Moreover, […]

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The Fate of Virtual Worlds?

Courtesy of Raph Koster, an interesting analysis of the fate of virtual worlds.  As the article notes: “…Dan Terdiman at CNet engages in some handwringing over the fact that kids worlds and social games are taking over the hype that used to belong to virtual worlds. But to someone who cut his virtual world teeth […]

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