About Us

The SynWorldsSM Group is dedicated to exploring and harnessing untapped opportunities arising from the convergence of our real lives with the three-dimensional, multi-participant virtual worlds emerging today. Our business model involves capitalizing on opportunities created as individuals’ – and corporations’ – virtual and real worlds begin to move in parallel and become SYNchronized, effectively creating SYNthetic environments that change the dynamics of traditional communication, collaboration, interaction, and industry.

Regardless of whether the future metaverse is ultimately comprised of immersive virtual worlds (i.e., Second Life, World of Warcraft, etc.), mirror worlds (Google Earth and/or a multiuser version of a similar application), augmented reality (information streamed from physical places via RFID and similar technologies), lifelogging (the creation, broadcast and/or storage of personal content), or other collaborative networked media yet to emerge, SynWorldsSM has an active interest in harnessing the dynamics of these disruptive technologies and applying them to solve real-world marketing, gaming, technology, entertainment, community- and brand-building problems facing individuals, consumers, and organizations today.

The SynWorldsSM Group is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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