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What Social And Casual Internet Game Companies Can Learn From Online Gambling

Courtesy of Kevin’s Corner, an interesting look at what social and casual internet game companies can learn from online gambling: Recently I have published blog items primarily focused on educating online gambling operators on the virtues and threat of social games to  their operations. In point of fact, I have been a bit unfair to […]

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Making Internet Gambling Social

Via Kevin’s Corner, an interesting look at how firms could making internet gambling more social: “…I recently read an article indicating that Zynga was responsible for generating 500,000 USD for Facebook in the last year. $400,000 of this revenue was from the 30% cut Facebook is taking on virtual currency transactions with 100,000 coming from […]

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Fair Game?

Via Wired, a very interesting article on the use of gamification by online companies to get you to share – and spend – more: Zynga, Facebook, Apple, and many other online companies and services are refining techniques developed by game developers to keep you in their game. You’re not stupid, but you can be fooled. […]

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