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The Future Of Games Will Focus On Escaping From Reality—And Improving It

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, an interesting article on the future of games: Do you want an escape from everyday life, or a way to change your life? In the coming decades, gaming technology will make both choices possible in 3-D virtual reality to a degree unheard of today. Anyone wishing to explore imaginary […]

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Dream Teams: When Fantasy Sports Became Real

Courtesy of the New Yorker, an interesting article on fantasy sports – another example of virtual worlds, real play: In the fall of 1979, while on a flight from Hartford to Austin, the writer Daniel Okrent was struck by an idea for conducting an auction of baseball players—or, rather, baseball players’ names and their future […]

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Fantasy eSports

Via, a look at eSports: If you’re still getting used to the idea that 89 million people frequently watch competitive video game playing, or eSports, and that the United States government recognizes League of Legends players as professional athletes, you’re going to have a hard time wrapping your brain around fantasy eSports. Similar to fantasy sports sites […]

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