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Traditional Sports Have An eSports Problem

Via VentureBeat, a look at esports: Professional sports leagues like the NFL and the NBA are about to face a major challenge called “the march of time.” Young Americans, or “millennials,” (the generation that was born from the mid-1980s through the early 2000s) are split in terms of their loyalty to traditional sports and competitive […]

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eSports: Activision Blizzard Aims for the Big Leagues

Via Fortune, a look at Activision Blizzard’s eSports ambitions: Activision Blizzard built a videogame empire around bestselling titles like Call of Duty and Warcraft. Now it wants to become the ESPN of competitive gaming. Will audiences play along? A diapered dragon hatches from a polka-dotted egg. Casting off the speckled shards of its shell, it toddles out of […]

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eSports: To Buy Into This Video Gaming League, It’s at Least $10 Million

Via Bloomberg, a report on a new eSports league: Over the last several years, investors have grown curious about the world of professional video gaming. If this were any other sport, one logical thing to do would be to put money into a team. But in esports, it’s not clear what prospective team owners would […]

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