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Minecraft 3.0: Aiming To Be The Next Pokémon Go—But Bigger

Courtesy of WIRED, an interesting look at Minecraft Earth, Microsoft’s augmented-reality-driven mobile game that blockifies the planet: THE GAMING WORLD may seem like it’s ruled by Fortnite, but Minecraft continues to be a phenomenon. In the 10 years since the very first Java edition went public, it’s sold 176 million copies. More than 90 million people play it every month, and […]

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Jackpots Vs. Joysticks: Adding Skill To Games of Chance

Via The Economist, a look at casinos’ plans to add skill to slot machines in an effort to appeal to younger generations: One-arm bandits make a killing for gambling dens. In America and Europe slot machines usually account for two-thirds of the house’s takings. Their relative unpopularity among younger punters is therefore a worry for […]

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Fantasy Birding Is Real, And It’s Spectacular

Via Dead Spin, an interesting story on fantasy birding: I became unreasonably passionate about fantasy sports for the very first time in my life. Not fantasy football or baseball or anything like that. I got into fantasy birdwatching. Birdwatchers, or birders, know that the activity can be incredibly competitive already. The world’s most serious birders […]

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NBA 2K Players Make As Much As Real Life Basketball Players

Via Ozy, an interesting article on the earning potential of esports athletes: Last August at the NBA 2K League studios in Long Island City, when Knicks Gaming defeated Heat Check Gaming to win the inaugural NBA 2K League championship, the six adrenaline-filled gamers celebrated like they were hoisting an NBA Finals trophy. And rightly so. After thousands […]

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Video Gamers vs. Couch Potatos

Courtesy of The Economist, an article on esports: If readers, like Schumpeter, have children who barely have time to say hello as they hunch over a computer, headsets on, talking with friends while blasting their digital enemies to smithereens, here is some advice. Take them to a competitive video-gaming, or e-sports, tournament, like the Counterstrike: […]

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eSports At The Driving Range

Via Ozy, an article on the convergence of golf and esports: What happens when you go to a driving range and an esports tournament breaks out? For starters, Topgolf isn’t exactly the average driving range. Instead of paying for a medium-sized bucket of balls and strolling by yourself to an open slot of turf to […]

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