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Breeding Digital Horses, Spending Real Money

Via Sportico, an article on digital horse ownership, trading, racing, and even breeding: Tamagotchi meets Churchill Downs in one of sports’ newest cryptotrends, Zed Run. The online game, which has generated hype and consternation in equal measure, allows for digital horse ownership, as well as just about anything you’d want to do with an online […]

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NFTs Are Spurring a Digital Land Grab—in Videogame Worlds

Via The Wall Street Journal, a look at how investors and gamers are buying millions of dollars worth of land that exists only in videogames: Investors are pouring millions of dollars into land. But these lush fields and rolling hills only exist within videogames. Just as physical land appeals to pension funds and family offices, […]

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NFTs and Fashion: Collectors Pay Big Money for Virtual Sneakers

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, a look at how a recent $3.1 million sale of some NFT sneakers has speculators wondering about the future of digital fashion: Feb. 27 marked the release of a trio of sneakers that looked a bit like doodled-on Air Force Ones—a collaboration between design studio Rtfkt and Fewocious, an 18-year-old digital artist living […]

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The Whales of NBA Top Shot

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, an article on the NBA’s Top Shot phenomenon: Michael Levy was scrolling Twitter last September when he noticed someone mention something that he wanted to know more about. What is NBA Top Shot? he wondered.   This platform to buy, sell and collect officially licensed video highlights was months from becoming a […]

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NBA Top Shot: Evolution of Sports Card Trading For Digital World

Via Sportsnet, an interesting summary look at NBA Top Shot and the emerging digital evolution of sports card trading: Jesse Schwarz is laughing before the question is finished. “I got a couple of messages like, ‘Have you lost your mind?’” he says from Los Angeles. “Someone tweeted at me, ‘You could have a small family home, […]

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The Races Are Digital, And So Are the Ads, But The Money Is Real

Courtesy of The New York Times, a look at sim racing and whether it can hold on to fans and sponsors when sports get back to normal: It takes more than gasoline to make a racecar run. It requires money. And money requires sponsors. And sponsors require spectators who they hope will become customers. Which became […]

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