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Mixed-Reality Sports: Pastimes Of The Future?

Via DigiDay, an article on how mixed-reality sports companies are building the pastimes, and brand activations, of the future: The rise of competitive gaming has shown the entertainment value of contests that aren’t limited by technology or physics. When stick-and-ball sports fully return, players and spectators who transitioned to esports during the COVID-19 pandemic might find […]

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In Metaverse, Will Big Gaming Eventually Become Big Tech?

Via The Economist, commentary on big gaming’s role in the metaverse: In “Ready, Player One”, a science-fiction novel set in 2045, people can escape a ghastly world of global warming and economic mayhem by teleporting themselves into the oasis, a parallel universe where they can change identity, hang out and forget the miseries of everyday life. In […]

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Big Tech Wants To Build The ‘Metaverse’

Via The Washington Post, an article on Big Tech’s plans to build the ‘metaverse’: The 2018 sci-fi film “Ready Player One” offers a glimpse of what many technology companies prophesize is the Internet’s next big thing. Inspired by a 2011 Ernest Cline novel, the film’s orphaned teenage hero flees his bleak real-world existence by immersing in […]

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What The Metaverse Means For Sports

Via Sportico, a report on what the metaverse means and what it could mean for sports: There was blockchain, and cryptocurrency, and then DAOs. Ethereum, fungible tokens, gas fees. As our lives have become digitized and gamified over the last year, there has been a whole alphabet of new concepts to learn (or at least […]

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Breeding Digital Horses, Spending Real Money

Via Sportico, an article on digital horse ownership, trading, racing, and even breeding: Tamagotchi meets Churchill Downs in one of sports’ newest cryptotrends, Zed Run. The online game, which has generated hype and consternation in equal measure, allows for digital horse ownership, as well as just about anything you’d want to do with an online […]

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NFTs Are Spurring a Digital Land Grab—in Videogame Worlds

Via The Wall Street Journal, a look at how investors and gamers are buying millions of dollars worth of land that exists only in videogames: Investors are pouring millions of dollars into land. But these lush fields and rolling hills only exist within videogames. Just as physical land appeals to pension funds and family offices, […]

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