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SynCurrency: Follow The Bitcoins – How To Get Caught On Silk Road’s Black Market

Via the Economic Policy Journal, an interesting article on how one tester’s actions led him to get caught buying drugs on Silk Road’s black market: The crypto-currency Bitcoin has become the preferred payment method for much of the online underground, hailed by none other than the administrator of the booming Silk Road black market as […]

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Zynga Fights Back With Social Slot Machines

Via Valuewalk, some negative commentary on Zynga’s social slot machine games: But have they really? While there may be few things less depressing than watching someone’s grandmother playing nickel slots in an Indian casino on Bainbridge Island, Washington in a room trimmed with reclaimed carpeting from the last Mirage renovation, this comes close. Carpets are […]

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SynCurrency: Bitcoin Exchange Berlin Is Bringing Digital Currency To Market

Via Motherboard, a look at an innovative monthly face-to-face bitcoin exchange in Germany: On a clear Saturday afternoon in Berlin, I checked out the third Bitcoin Exchange Berlin (BXB), which is the first face-to-face marketplace of its kind in Germany—and likely in Europe. The monthly exchange shook down at the Platoon Kunsthalle, an art space made from stacked shipping containers. Aaron […]

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Online Gaming: New Google Play Policy Targets Gambling Apps

Via VegasChatter, a report on a new Google policy towards gaming applications:   Mobile and online gaming have taken off more slowly than some expected. Ultimate Poker is the first, legal US site to offer online poker but they’re the only one. World Series of Poker was supposed have their cash games up and running […]

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SynCurrency: Bitcoin Vs. Amazon Dollars

Via Stockerblog, a comparison of bitcoins versus Amazon dollars: Bitcoins are a cyber currency that are transferred from and to any computer without going through a financial institution, and is not backed by any governmental agency. Since the Bitcoin system is decentralized, there is no entity that controls it. The number of bitcoins is essentially […]

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