Welcome to The SynWorlds Group’s corporate blog! We have established this forum to help interested readers keep track of our company’s exciting developments, as well as, to give us a medium by which we may note particular trends or articles of interest. There are many passionate and talented observers of virtual worlds, MMOGs, mirror worlds, and the global metaverse blogging and writing today. Our corporate blog is not meant to replace their wisdom or careful thoughts; rather we seek merely to comment, augment and — when we see fit — offer healthy debate on particular points of view.

Building a growing business in a rapidly evolving market, we have our hands full with day-to-day and strategic activities so cannot commit to keeping a regular posting schedule. However, we promise to post when we have exciting news to share or when we find a comment or analysis that strikes us as being particularly insightful or important.

Welcome to The SynWorlds Group’s corporate blog. We hope you visit often.

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